The following are Recommendations from Current (or former) students:

"Jon has been a patient and enchanting teacher for our daughter, Kaitlyn. It seems as though we went through one piano teacher a year for the past few years, but Jon is a keeper! He has renewed our children's love of music and pushed them just enough to keep them interested. Jon encouraged Kaitlyn to play the songs she wanted to play while still teaching her the fundamentals. This helped her to stay focused and interested, knowing that once she finished her assignment, she could play what she wanted to play. His teaching of theory was far beyond what we have experienced before and the kids loved it because he made it fun! We can't thank him enough for bringing music back into our home. He is an asset to any family looking for a great teacher."

- Sam, Kelley and Kaitlyn B. (Former Student)

"I've been taking vocal lessons from Mr. Fisher and highly recommend his services. He is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and thorough. I was nervous about singing in front of a professional and he very quickly put me at ease. His methods are logical and I have been delighted with the results."

- Janet P. (Former Student)

"Jon is very professional and knowledgeable about music theory. He makes it fun while learning, he is very flexible when it comes to scheduling lessons and he makes every minute count during lessons. I would highly recommend him to others."

- David S. (Parent of Former Student)


The following are professional reviews of public concerts I have given:

"Jon Fisher- Music Performance Review, by Norma T.

Jon was a sheer delight as our entertainer one recent Sunday afternoon at Shalom Park. While many other performers have given wonderful variety presentations, Jon’s selections were also varied but excitingly different. He chose a theme he called Movie Music which did not only mean he played the movies’ theme songs, but enchanted the audience by playing partial scores of music from several films. Additionally, Jon added some classical pieces as well as a little pop. His narrations between numbers enhanced his total presentation. By singing a tune or two, Jon’s performance was well rounded and a true joy to experience."


The following are other reviews from friends, relatives and associates:

"Our family has known Jon since he was in kindergarten with my children and he's been in love with music, singing and playing piano and other instruments the whole time we've been acquainted. We've maintained the friendship and also followed his musical progress, training and experience. We have had him in our home giving piano concerts. He continues to immerse himself in music, in playing, in teaching and imparting that love of music to others. We are so proud to be part of his musical life."

- Sandy and Finn T. (Family Friends)

"I have known Jon for 20 years and I can say that he is a very capable and talented musician. He is always punctual and reliable. He commits himself 100% to the tasks that he undertakes. He has an abundance of knowledge of his craft and has tremendous patience and he is very easy going but very professional. Taking classes from him is sure to benefit and absolutely enrich immensely any student."

- Anita G. (Family Friend)

"Jon has wonderful musical ability and perfect pitch - he's passionate about teaching and sharing music with others! He's great with kids and adults as well."

- Molly G. (Relative)